Monday, August 10, 2009

23rd adoption day

This past Saturday was my 23rd adoption day.
Although I thank God for his perfect plan and divine intervention in my life and sacrifice He made, there are two things that are a reminder from Him of just how much He loves me and has guided my life from the beginning.

I am blessed that although most people celebrate their birth and life in one day I have the reminder on 2 different days. I thank my birthmother for not aborting me when it could have been easily done and not a thought afterwards. For that, I am thankful- I am thankful for birth. (to see my birthmothers letter to me go here: )

My second reminder is my adoption day. In my opinion adoption is a physical resemblance, through the adoptive parents, of Christ’s forgiveness and conquering of sin. Although I was made through a sinful act God made it beautiful, whole, and washed clean. With a grateful heart I say thank you to my mom and dad- thank you for life.

Thank you then
Thank you now
Thank you tomorrow
Thank you forever.

Thank you for love
Thank you for life
Thank you for kindness
Thank you for compassion.

Thank you for hardship
Thank you for lessons
Thank you for examples
Thank you for leadership.

Thank you for passion
Thank you for belief
Thank you for correction
Thank you for support.

Thank you for hugs
Thank you for laughter
Thank you for tears
Thank you for comfort.

Thank you God
Thank you Dad
Thank you Mom
Thank you, for me.

Although World Orphans does not facilitate International Adoptions there is a way in which you can help the parentless children of this world. World Orphans offer’s the ability to Help Churches (Christ’s Body) rescue and care for orphans. Is that not a powerful image of the hands and feet of Christ reaching out and pulling the abandoned, broken, and lost children into His adoptive embrace and care for them? Is that not what you do every night when you come home and your children run to you? Is that not what we are called to do? As an adopted child I say there is no feeling better than the feeling of warmth, care, and a knowing of belonging- adoption into God’s warm embrace. For 44$ you can help achieve this. To find out more click here ( )


the Steiger's said...

Happy adoption day:)

Anonymous said...

Well said sister! Love in Christ and Happy belated birthday. Alan

Kate Borders said...

Beautiful...happy adoption day.

Love you,

beBOLDjen said...

Belated Happy Adoption Day. Blessings to you!