Friday, December 18, 2009


My life has been...
Attacked but protected by HIM.
Tempted but purified by HIM.
Sick but Healed by HIM.
Oppressed but raised up by HIM.
Broken but Mended by HIM.
Sad but replaced with Joy by HIM.
Empty but now full because of HIM.
Lost but held in HIM.
Invisible but ignited by HIM.
Unappreciated but permeated by HIM.
Limited but released by HIM.
Hopeless but fulfilled by HIM.
Selfish but selfless because of HIM.
Weak but empowered by HIM.
Heartless but made whole by HIM.
Dying but life breathed by HIM.
Sinful but forgiven by HIM.
Angry but broken by HIM.
Proud but weep because of HIM.
Strong but vulnerable by HIM.
Unique and wonderfully made because and by HIM.
-Jenna Howard